Manchester, NH

Has 4 kids under 4.

Todd Brady


Denver, CO

Ozzy Osbourne’s biggest fan.

Wes Matelich


Denver, CO

Afraid of heights.

Stephanie Wedryk, PhD

Director of Research and Development

Denver, CO (603)-769-3450

Knows how to milk cows.

Shara Ross, MS

Lead Field Scientist

Manchester, NH (603)-249-6433

He picks up street pennies.

Scott Lynch

Director of Sales

CO, NV, MT (513)-374-0567

Was a nomad for 5 years.

Brian Tirey

Regional Plant Specialist

Southern CA, AZ, NM, OK, TX (978)-578-9521

Went to Culinary Arts college.

Andrew Shoer

Regional Plant Specialist

Manchester, NH / Northern California (603)-661-7014

Once climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Dan Ricker

Regional Plant Specialist

East of Mississippi (603)-383-5185

Loves hiking.

Mike Sarro

Regional Plant Specialist

WA/OR/AK (253)-266-5981

He loves Ozark on Netflix.

Kirk Shults

Regional Plant Specialist

Canada (819)-230-0556

Hot Pepper enthusiast.

Johan Philippe B.Sc (Agr.)

Regional Plant Specialist

Eastern US (603)-413-8771

He’s been to 40 US states.

Chip Provost

Regional Plant Specialist

CA, WA, OR, AZ, NM, AK (603)-552-8458

Spoils his dog.

Josh Hoffman

Regional Plant Specialist

Manchester NH (970)-430-6936

Was a certified skydiver.

Matt Covey

Business Development Coordinator

Manchester, NH (603)-769-3450

Would rather be outside.

Jace Cucharale

Business Development Coordinator

Manchester, NH (603)-383-5187

Had her baby on the toilet.

Nicole Bradicich

Operations Coordinator

Denver, Colorado

Hiked the entire Appalachian Trail.

Cole Gage

Research Associate

Manchester, NH (603)-446-6712

Was a Colorado ski bum.

Angela Aubin

Operations Manager

Denver, CO (720)-773-7514

Rides a 96 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster 1200.

Kelsey Lynn

Warehouse Manager

Denver, CO

Alice in Wonderland is his favourite movie.

Thomas Cutbirth

Warehouse Team

Denver, CO

Grows with RX Green Technologies!

Travis Alarcon

Warehouse Team

Manchester, NH (603) 836-4948 x122

Named her kid after Harry Potter.

Gwen Hurd

Marketing Manager

Manchester, NH (603)-383-5179

Enjoys researching ancestry.

JoAnne DeOleo, MBA

Accounting Manager