Todd Brady

Todd Brady


Wes Matelich


Shara Finch, MS

Director of Technical Marketing & Business Intelligence

Brian Tirey

Regional Plant Specialist

Mike Sarro

Regional Plant Specialist

Chip Provost

Regional Plant Specialist

Josh Hoffman

Regional Plant Specialist

Jessi Solomon

Business Development Coordinator

Angela Aubin

VP of Operations

Rik Falcon

Production and Warehouse Operations Manager

Kristin Mitchell

Quality Control and Regulatory Coordinator

Taylor Wita

Inventory & Purchasing Manager

Justin Brown

Warehouse Manager (CO)

Kyle Palmer

Warehouse Manager

Alex Montoya

Warehouse Lead

Lane Vigil

Warehouse Team

Travis Roy

Warehouse Team

Zachary Casavant

Warehouse Team

JoAnne DeOleo, MBA

VP of Finance & HR

Michael Kitsis

Accounting Clerk

Stephanie Wedryk, PhD

VP of R&D

Sheena Gayomba, PhD

Research Manager

Eric Johnson

Research Technician

Ryan Bennett

R&D Lead Analyst

Taylor Wall

Research Operations Lead