All About E-PLUS

E-PLUS Kelp, Yucca And Humic Acid Additive 55 Gallons

E-PLUS, which contains organic and mineral ingredients, is intended for use during the vegetative and early bloom stages of the cannabis plant. Its ingredients include kelp, yucca, humic acid, and calcium. These ingredients work with the plant’s own natural systems to improve growth and plant health.

E-PLUS also contains mineral nutrients as well as non-plant food ingredients, such as molasses, to stimulate soil microorganisms. When you open the E-PLUS bottle, you’ll notice it smells exactly like molasses!

More about the specific ingredients in E-PLUS:

Kelp is a natural bio-stimulant, it contains the growth hormones: cytokinin, auxin, and abscisic acid. Kelp encourages growth of both beneficial fungus and soil microbes, while it stimulates the plant’s immune response. Kelp even assists with soil moisture retention!

The high levels of saponins found in yucca make fertilizer solution and water “wetter” by reducing its surface tension. Yucca helps water and nutrients infiltrate the soil surface and effectively spread throughout the root zone. With yucca, plants can use water more efficiently, and one can go longer between feedings without harming the plant.

When added to your media, humic acid helps to bond cations (positively charged elements) and has the ability to chelate these positively charged ions (Mg, Ca, Fe, and other trace minerals).  Chelation occurs when certain molecules form bonds with a microelement. By chelating these ions, the humic acid increases micronutrient uptake and protects from unfavorable reactions with other ions in the solution.

Calcium is needed to develop and strengthen cell walls and cell membranes. By strengthening the cell walls, plant tissues develop increased resistance to outside attack and stems become more erect.  Because calcium does not relocate in the plant, a soluble source of calcium needs to be applied throughout the growing cycle.

E-PLUS is a great addition to your base nutrient program to provide natural stimulation to soil microorganisms and improve plant health and growth. Plants grown with E-PLUS become greener and happier.