Rx Green Technologies Announces Preferred Retail Partner


Rx Green Technologies partners with ARBICO Organics to provide an online retail solution to cannabis growers.


Denver, CO: Rx Green Technologies, a leader in cannabis nutrients, substrates, and pest management has partnered with ARBICO Organics, an agricultural supply company currently celebrating their 40th year, to provide an online retail solution to current and potential customers.


ARBICO Organics’ mission statement is “to work with the global community providing eco-friendly, natural, organic products and solutions that re-awaken the human heart and bring the world into harmony.” ARBICO’s commitment to provide customers with natural-based products and outstanding customer support directly aligns with Rx Green Technologies’ purpose and vision.


“We set out to support cannabis cultivators, a historically underserved market, and this partnership will allow us to reach customers who do not yet fit into the wholesale category of our business,” states CEO, Wesley Matelich. “Smaller cultivators and hobbyists will now have reliable access to our products. Our partnership with ARBICO Organics allows us to serve more cultivators than ever before.”


Cannabis cultivators can shop Rx Green Technologies at ARBICO Organics here.

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