Introducing Liquids 2.0: Cannabis Fertilizers & Nutrients

We’re firm believers that every business should strive for perfection, day after day. Our customers are clearly the best judge of our products, so if they see room for improvement, we’re all ears! We’ve been busy gathering feedback on our liquid cannabis fertilizers and supplements — and we used your input to create the latest versions of these products. We can’t wait for you to experience the difference with our line of new and improved cannabis fertilizers.

Our full suite of liquid fertilizer products has been updated, including Grow A & B, Bloom A & B, Bulk, and E-Plus. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

1. Dye-free!

Your feedback noted the intense color variability of our liquid cannabis supplements, and we heard you! The colors in our 2.0 Liquid Fertilizers are derived solely from natural, raw ingredients. Because of this, slight color variations and visible microparticles are normal and may occur from batch to batch.

2. Increased magnesium

If you found yourself adding Epsom salts while using our previous product line, fear no more! We increased the magnesium content so you don’t have to.

3. Added fulvic acid

We added small amounts of fulvic acid to Grow 2.0 B and Bloom 2.0 A. Why? This beneficial compound has been found to promote growth and quality, giving your cannabis plants an extra boost!

4. Smoother line flow

Our updated formulations were created to correct line-clogging issues in rare circumstances. In the latest version, you can expect to see optimum flow in the nutrient bases and Bulk 2.0.

Wet Your Plants with our new and improved liquid cannabis fertilizers:

Grow 2.0 A & B: Vegetative Growth

Our carefully balanced, 2-part fertilizer is formulated for optimal vegetative growth. Grow 2.0 A and Grow 2.0 B promote plant vigor and support photosynthesis.

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Grow 2.0 A and B Product Photo

Bloom 2.0 A & B: Reproductive Growth

Our blend of macro- and micronutrients meet the nutrient demands of flowering plants. Bloom A 2.0 and Bloom B 2.0 support plant health and metabolism to yield high-quality buds.

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Bloom 2.0 A and B Product Photo

Bulk 2.0: PK Booster

Formulated with phosphorus, potassium, and calcium, our Bulk 2.0: PK Booster is used in the flowering stage to optimize bud structure, resin, and trichome production for your cannabis cultivation.

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Bulk 2.0 PK Booster Product Photo

E-Plus 2.0: Kelp, Yucca and Fulvic Acid

This cannabis supplement can be used throughout the plants’ life cycle. Kelp extracts stimulate root growth and stress tolerance, while yucca and fulvic acids enhance nutrient delivery and uptake.

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