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Our cannabis solutions are designed, tested and researched to provide large-scale grows with the highest-quality cultivation results.

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Why Cultivators Partner with RX Green

When you partner with us, we grow alongside you. The solutions we provide to improve your cultivation (and grow your business) are backed by our commitment to plant science, trusted customer support, and performance-driven results.

Extensive Product Testing Platform

RX Green is proud to have the only licensed R&D lab within the cannabis cultivation industry, enabling us to test all our products to statistically significant standards on live plants. Our extensive research collects 1000’s of data points on product performance, over a 1-3 year cycle of analysis, culminating in formulations proven to provide the most effective results to optimize your plants performance.

Success-Driven, Trusted Relationships

Our direct-to-cultivators sales model ensures we deliver consistent product quality, a predictable supply chain, and competitive prices. We also guarantee supportive services to help our clients get the maximum value from choosing our products. Whether you’re in need of personal consultation with plant scientists or seeking custom solutions for your cultivation – we are building relationships founded on trust.

Innovative Quality Control for Your Cannabis Grow

Innovation, and the highest standards of quality are hallmarks of our ethos. Our dedication to continual innovation, and nothing less than excellence in product quality controls, ensure that our clients and industry partners can focus on doing what you do best – growing your own top performing and innovative products to drive brand preference from your consumers.

Cannabis Nutrients Developed by Cultivators, for Cultivators.

In this industry, reputation matters. That’s why we strive to be known as more than just a nutrient company. Our R&D team obsesses over how to help you grow your plants – and your business.

With 12+ years of experience, top-tier cannabis cultivation supplies, a robust product testing platform, and best-in-class quality control, RX Green Technologies is the best partner in the game.

Products, Proven to Grow Results

From small batch grows to large commercial production, RX Green Technologies produces premier cannabis cultivation products and supplies to support premium results, at scale. Our top-shelf nutrients and formulas are uniquely developed for cannabis and tested on cannabis, so when we say our products promote efficient and healthy plant development, at every stage of the plant cycle, we’ve proven it to ourselves first to ensure optimal results for YOUR cultivation.

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