Why we’re different


Customer service is our first priority

We know that managing a commercial cultivation facility is hard. And we know that your work never ends. Plant Specialists will ensure that our products integrate seamlessly into your grow. They’ll check in, follow up, and remember your birthday. The warehouse team will get you what you need, when you need it. We offer next day direct shipping. If something isn’t right, our Field Scientists can fix it. With backgrounds in agriculture and years in the cannabis industry, our Field Scientists expertly unravel even the most convoluted issues.


We operate the only cannabis specific research and development facility in our industry

We design products specifically for commercial cannabis cultivators. Before we sell anything, we test it. Relentlessly. Our R&D facility has the same equipment found in agricultural testing facilities. We examine every aspect and input of the growing cycle. We are in a constant state of R&D. Always improving. Always seeking.


Our products are simple, effective, and designed for scalability in commercial facilities.

For example, our entire nutrient program’s concentrated chemistry is 6 bottles vs. an industry average of 11 and does not require pH adjustment. In lab-controlled studies, it also produced material yield and potency increases against our competitive set. But don’t take our word for it, let us set up a side by side trial in your grow with technical support from our plant specialists .