FORTIFY CLOUD : Chlorine Dioxide Technology

Product Chlorine Dioxide Cleaning Technology FORTIFY CLOUD : Chlorine Dioxide Technology

FORTIFY CLOUD : Chlorine Dioxide Technology

Fortify Cloud is a cleaning agent for cannabis cultivation supplies and facilities. This chlorine dioxide technology is a portable, water-activated gas generation system that has the power to disinfect surfaces while leaving no residue or odor.

Our Chlorine Dioxide Cleaning Technology is a safe and odorless solution designed to efficiently sterilize facility air and surfaces.

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Please wear gloves and eye protection while handling this product. Use one 50 g. canister to treat up to 10,000 cu.ft. Not for use in an area less than 2,000 cu.ft. To treat a larger area, use additional canisters spaced evenly throughout the treatment area. Read instructions before opening canisters.

  1. Seal the treatment area. Assure all doors, windows and entryways are sealed to contain gas. Turn off grow lights, interior fans and exhaust fans.
  2. Shake canister vigorously for 3-5 seconds to loosen granulated chemical. Completely remove lid prior to use. Each canister contains powder and a small measuring cup.
  3. Remove small cup from canister and fill to specified level with water.
  4. Pour water into canister. Product will activate as soon as water is added.
  5. Agitate lightly to thoroughly mix water and powdered chemical.
  6. Place canister in treatment area.
  7. Place canister on a solid surface. Place lid or a small catch tray underneath the canister.
  8. Chlorine dioxide gas is activated. Shortly, the canister will fill with a yellowish gas. Keep area sealed for at least 8 hours. DO NOT ENTER AREA without proper PPE. DO NOT VENTILATE.
  9. After specified time period, turn on exhaust from outside treatment area and/or exhaust remaining gas. Place lid on canister and throw into trash.



  • Clone rooms
  • Veg rooms
  • Flower rooms
  • Curing rooms

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