CLEAN COCO : Super Sack

CLEAN COCO : Super Sack

Our Buffered Coco Coir is a soilless substrate produced from the fibrous husks of ripe coconuts. Now available in two yard tote bags -35″ X 35″ X 63″ / 54 CU FT. Our coco is buffered with Calcium Nitrate to ensure consistent EC makeup and to take advantage of the high CEC (cation exchange capacity) of coco coir. This “primes” the coco to allow the fertilizer to be readily available to your plants.

This product is compliant with Health Canada regulations.

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Loose Coco

PRODUCTS 100% Loose 70/30 Loose
MATERIAL 100% coco 70% coco/30% coarse perlite
VOLUME 54 Cu Ft 54 Cu Ft
PACKAGING Biodegradable bag Biodegradable bag
pH 6.0-7.5 6.0-7.5
MIN ORDER QTY 12 pallets (2 bags/pallet) 12 pallets (2 bags/pallet)


  • CLEAN COCO is stored inside and shipped via covered trucks and shipping containers, ensuring protection from environmental toxins and pests.
  • Our CLEAN COCO is lab tested at its source, upon arrival to our US manufacturing facility, and again before it begins its journey to you.
  • Our 3rd party lab partners test for: pH, EC, mineral content, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and microbials. If a coco batch does not meet our testing standards, it does not leave our warehouse.