Questions About Commercial Cannabis Nutrients and Supplies

RX Green Technologies’ products are formulated with natural ingredients to promote cannabis plant growth, energy, and metabolism while improving both the yield and quality of your commercial cultivation. Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn how our products can be used throughout your operation.

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RX Green Technologies’ cannabis nutrient program contains a full spectrum of natural-based nutrients at balanced ratios for superior plant performance. These cannabis nutrients are developed for growers who want to improve both yields and quality (terpenes, cannabinoid profiles, and potency) through a simple and more natural nutrient application.


E-PLUS is a cannabis additive product derived from traditional and organic ingredients. This formula includes kelp and yucca plant extracts, and humic acid to help promote a healthy growth cycle for the plant and enhance nutrient uptake.


BULK is a PK nutrient booster designed for flowering cannabis plants. This formula contains a unique combination of phosphorus and fully soluble calcium and potassium and provides plants with the highest level of bioavailable nutrients to improve plant performance, yield, and quality.


Cloning cannabis seedlings is a process that involves cutting a small portion of a female cannabis plant and allowing it to form its own root system and growth. By genetically copying a part of the mother cannabis plant, cloning allows for a faster life cycle and harvest time.


RX Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning Solution is formulated to provide the nutrients necessary for early root and plant development. This blend of natural ingredients, combined with essential carbohydrates and minerals, promotes energy, metabolism, and protein synthesis in this crucial growing stage for plants.


RX Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning Gel Contains a formulated blend designed to produce roots in any growing substrate. This cloning gel formula contains Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA), a naturally occurring plant growth hormone that stimulates root development. Vitamin B1 is also included to increase stress resistance in plants.



Derived from naturally occurring harpin proteins, Axiom is designed to stimulate the plant’s natural growth and defense systems. Axiom is ideal for both indoor and outdoor commercial cannabis cultivations to boost overall plant growth, vigor, and production while managing the risk of disease.


ROOT is a fully soluble biological inoculant and soil amendment that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria at the roots of cannabis plants. Containing eight different microbes, these natural organisms in ROOT convert nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients to plants to improve soil fertility and plant nutrition.


RX Green Technologies’ Buffered Loose Coco Coir is a soilless growing substrate produced from the fibrous husks of ripe coconuts. Our coco coir substrate is buffered with calcium nitrate to ensure consistent EC makeup and utilize the high CEC (cation exchange capacity) of coco coir for cannabis.