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kelp, yucca and humic acid

E-PLUS (3-0-1) is a product derived from traditional and organic ingredients, including plant extracts (kelp and yucca) and humic acid.

​E-PLUS can be used throughout the plant’s life cycle to enhance nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. The organic components stimulate plant vitality, fruit quality and flavor.

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Key Ingredients in E-Plus:
Humic Acid: acts as a chelating agent to micronutrients. This allows the plant to uptake nutrients more readily and efficiently.

Kelp: contains an abundance of naturally occurring compounds which improve cell division and cell enlargement. Kelp also reduces chlorophyll degradation.

Yucca: contains saponins, natural wetting agents, which break the polarity of water molecules. This contributes to better surface penetration and allows nutrients to easily reach the root zone. With yucca, nutrients are used more efficiently by the plant.

Calcium: is needed in large amounts during the entire growing cycle. In the early growth stages, calcium aids in the formation of cell walls and membranes, which helps to strengthen and thicken cell walls.


  • Apply as a root drench in any type of growing media.


  • 1 qt
  • 1 gal
  • 5 gal
  • 55 gal
  • 265 gal