Bulk PK Booster Cannabis Research Trial

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Data presented by: Stephanie Wedryk, PhD, Director of R&D at Rx Green Technologies


The use of PK (phosphorus and potassium) boosters during the flowering cycle is a common practice among Cannabis growers. Bulk from Rx Green Technologies is a PK booster designed for Cannabis that contains phosphorus, potassium, and calcium to optimize flower production. Phosphorus plays a key role in giving plants energy to grow flowers and synthesize cannabinoids and terpenes. Potassium supports energy transfer in plants while also playing a role in water balance and protein synthesis. Calcium is a structural component of cell walls and membranes of that is needed as flowers develop. To determine the importance of these nutrients during the Cannabis flowering cycle, we evaluated the effect of Bulk on two Cannabis cultivars on yield, potency, and terpenes.


Cannabis cultivars Chem Brulee and Quattro Kush were grown at the Rx Green Technologies R&D Facility using Grow A, Grow B, and E-Plus during the vegetative cycle. During the flowering cycle, we applied Bloom A, Bloom B, and E-Plus to all plants. There were two treatments involved in evaluation of Bulk during flower. Bulk was applied to all plants in the first treatment. There was no Bulk applied to plants in the second treatment. Each treatment was replicated 3 times across 18 Quattro Kush plants or 4 times across 24 Chem Brulee plants. After curing and trimming, final flower weight, THC, and terpene content were measured. Data were analyzed statistically to determine differences between treatments.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Trimmed, cured flower weight (g/plant) of Chem Brulee and Quattro Kush with and without Bulk applied during the flowering cycle. Flower weights are the average of 3 replications (Quattro Kush) or 4 replications (Chem Brulee) with a * signifying statistical differences (P < 0.05)


Plants treated with Bulk resulted in higher flower weight per plant in both Chem Brulee and Quattro Kush (Figure 1). This result was statistically significant in Quattro Kush. There were no statistical differences in THC (%) or total terpenes (%) between the No Bulk and Bulk treatments for either cultivar at P<0.05 (data not shown). Feeding of additional P, K, and Ca to Chem Brulee and Quattro Kush had a positive impact on yield. The additional nutrients allowed growth of larger flowers without negative impacts on THC or total terpene content. Using Bulk, with its proprietary formula of P, K, and Ca can enhance yield when applied to Cannabis plants during the flowering cycle.


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