AXIOM : Harpin Proteins

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AXIOM : Harpin Proteins

AXIOM is a cannabis supplement with an abundance of harpin proteins to stimulate the cannabis plant’s natural growth and defense systems. Our AXIOM cannabis grow supplements can be used for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation to boost overall plant growth, vigor, and production while aiding in the management of disease.

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AXIOMTM is an Rx Green Technologies supplement that goes much farther than most plant protection and boosting products. It is a natural, completely safe, non-toxic, and effective plant health promoter. AXIOM contains harpin proteins that signal the presence of pathogens.

The signaling protein in AXIOM triggers an initial reaction in the plant immediately after spraying. This hypersensitive response (HR) triggers the plant’s genetic code to create an immune response. This in turn leads to systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in the plant, resulting in a stronger, healthier plant able to fight off disease and pests. The result is higher quality cannabis.



  • Mix two grams for every gallon of water utilized. A mixed gallon covers approximately 1,000 square feet.
  • Apply mixed product to plant foliage with a pump sprayer, mister, or other suitable applicator.
  • Apply as a fine mist for most efficient coverage. Do not over apply.
  • Carefully reseal opened packets to minimize exposure to air and moisture. Use opened packets within three weeks.
  • Product must be used within 12 hours of mixing.

Indoor Gardening

  • Apply every two weeks for fast growing environments.
  • Apply in the morning prior to, or when, lights come on. Do not apply after lights are turned off.

Outdoor Gardening

  • For best results, continue applications every three weeks until first frost or until plants become dormant.
  • Apply product the same day it is mixed. Reapply if it rains within 30 minutes of application.


  • 3 x 0.5 g
  • 3 x 2 g
  • 2 oz