Rx Green Technologies is a leader in professional cultivation solutions for cannabis growers. Cultivation operations in North America rely on our fertilizers, substrates, biostimulants and pest management solutions to drive increased profitability, productivity, and safety.

Our leadership is powered by the three unique pillars of our business:


Direct sales and services

We design, manufacture, sell and support our products on a direct-to-customer basis


Robust product testing platform

We are dedicated to designing products for cannabis and testing them on cannabis. We conduct trials on all aspects of product performance in a first-of-its-kind cannabis testing lab, located in a licensed cultivation facility


Market leading quality control

We set the industry standard in North America for quality and compliance

At Rx Green, we live to win. In an industry characterized by rapid growth and regulatory volatility, those who do not move forward every day are left behind. That said, we don’t and won’t pursue winning at all costs.

Rx Green team members always anchor to our values in the pursuit of industry leadership:


No excuses

Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right


Fans not customers

Customers are transactional, but fans are for life. We always go the extra mile to support our fans



We push the industry forward so it doesn’t leave us behind



Elevate your environment through your actions



When the going gets tough, the tough get going

As a member of the organization, you will be expected to learn, live, and be evaluated on the values that define us.

We are always open to hearing from interested parties. If you don't see an opening here, feel free to send your resume to