All About BULK

Person Holding BULK PK Booster Additive

BULK is a PK booster designed for cannabis plants in flower. It contains a unique combination of phosphorus, fully soluble calcium, and fully soluble potassium. This formula provides plants with the highest level of bioavailable nutrients. BULK will improve plant performance, yield, and quality.

We will go a little more in-depth into the ingredients in BULK and the benefits they provide:

Phosphorus is an essential part of photosynthesis, the process through which phosphates, light energy, and chlorophyll are impacted by carbon dioxide and water and converted into usable energy in the plant (ATP or adenosine triphosphate). Check out this great video describing photosynthesis. Once the energy is captured in ATP through the process of photosynthesis, it is available as an energy source for other reactions within the plant. These processes are needed in larger amounts during the reproductive phase due to increased energy demands in the plant.

Calcium plays a key role in the increase of bud density and bud weight. When fed phosphorus by itself, bud site growth can be attributed to increased water weight. The introduction of calcium increases bud size by adding minerals to the bud sites and strengthening plant cell walls; the result of this is that even after curing, bud weight and density will remain high.

Potassium is required for protein synthesis. Enzyme activation, energy relations, and nitrogen movement all depend on potassium. Protein synthesis is important because it contributes to plants’ weight, size, and yields.

Use BULK to increase plant yield and quality.