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Cornell University, well-known for their operation of world-class agricultural research facilities, compared the effect of two different cloning solutions, LIFE by Rx Green Technologies and Clonex by Hydrodynamics International, on the formation and development of roots in basil stem cuttings.

Overall, we found that root systems for LIFE cuttings had an average of 20% faster roots, 23% more roots (dry weight basis), and 32% longer roots than Clonex cuttings.



Cornell University replicated the trial four times and used 24 basil cuttings per trial per set. The basil cuttings were propagated in an aeroponic machine, and four units were randomly selected for use with LIFE and four with Clonex.

Each unit was filled with eight gallons of RO water, the cloning solutions were added according to suggested usage rates, and the pH was adjusted to 5.5-5.7. The cuttings were monitored every 2-3 days to take pictures, to add cloning solution, record and adjust pH, and record EC (electrical conductivity). Every seven days the cloning solution was replaced.



Overall, we found that root systems for LIFE cuttings had an average of 20% faster roots. LIFE cuttings had visually longer roots than Clonex and were ready for transplant at day 7-8, while Clonex cuttings were ready for transplant on day 9-10.

The results showed 32% longer roots on the LIFE cuttings than Clonex cuttings. The LIFE roots averaged around 4.75cm and the Clonex roots averaged about 3.5cm. The length of the longest root on each stem cutting was measured at day 9-10. In each of the four rooting series there was significant increase in root length for LIFE cuttings.

Lastly, the LIFE cuttings showed 23% more roots on a dry weight basis. Root dry weight is a good measure of the total biomass or overall size of the root system, and in this trial it was determined by separating the roots from stem cuttings at day 9-10.

In summary, Cornell found that for all three measured parameters of root quality (index, length, and dry weight) the basil cuttings propagated with LIFE Cloning Solution were superior to those propagated using Clonex Cloning Solution.

For more information, check out our summary on the trial here.

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