Heavy Metals

Heavy metal whitepaper

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PURPOSE To provide a comprehensive report detailing the relationship between Rx Green Technologies’ nutrient program and heavy metals levels in cannabis. SUMMARY Because Rx Green Technologies’ plant nutrients are formulated using ultra-refined, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, heavy metals in these products are essentially non-existent. Therefore, when using Rx Green Technologies’ nutrients in an inert growing media, growers can expect their plants …

Cannabis Plant Under A Magnifying Glass

pH Whitepaper

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WHAT IS pH? Potential hydrogen, or pH, is a measure of the solution concentration of hydrogen ions, or H+. There are two types of ions: a cation (positively charged particle) and anion (negatively charged particle). Cations and anions are attracted to each other (think of magnetics) to form ionic compounds. These compounds form familiar mineral nutrients such as calcium nitrate …

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Synthetic Vs Organic

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SYNTHETIC VS. ORGANIC PLANT NUTRIENTS Plant nutrients are inorganic elements such as zinc or magnesium that are absorbed by plant roots in order to fuel growth and development. Most of the nutrients required for plant growth are already present in traditional soil, although not always in the required volume or form. In contrast, given the use of inert media, hydroponic …