GROW A & B Vegetative Growth Formula

Grow A&B

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Our GROW A (3-0-2) and GROW B (1-2-4) formulas provide the basis for vegetative growth. High performance ingredients enhance photosynthesis, nitrogen uptake, and micronutrient delivery.

BLOOM A&B Reproductive Growth Formula

Bloom A&B

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Bloom A (2-0-4) and Bloom B (1-8-5) were developed to deliver high performance inputs to drive bud structure and formation in flowering plants. Like Grow A and Grow B, these products also provide essential micronutrients for your plants. The formula’s technology stabilizes phosphorus, enhancing its availability in solution and thus absorption by the plant.

E-PLUS Kelp, Yucca And Humic Acid Additive 55 Gallon


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E-PLUS (3-0-1) is a product derived from traditional and organic ingredients, including plant extracts (kelp and yucca) and humic acid. ​E-PLUS can be used throughout the plant’s life cycle to enhance nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. The organic components stimulate plant vitality, fruit quality and flavor.

BULK PK Booster Additive


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BULK (2-12-3) is a PK booster containing a blend of phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. BULK should be used in the flowering stage to optimize flower production.

AXIOM Harpin Proteins Supplement


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AXIOM is derived from naturally occurring harpin proteins proven to stimulate the plant’s natural growth and defense systems. Harpinαβ, the active ingredient, sustains plant health and increases yields. Use Rx Green Technologies’ AXIOM for both indoor and outdoor gardening to boost overall plant growth, vigor, and production and to aid in the management of disease.

LIFE Cloning Gel


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Rx Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning Gel contains a blend of rooting hormones and all natural ingredients. Formulated to produce roots in any substrate, this gel will work with rooting cubes or aeroponic machines. Contains indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), a naturally occurring plant growth hormone that stimulates early root development. Includes vitamin B1 which helps to increase the plant’s stress resistance.

LIFE Cloning Mist


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LIFE Cloning Mist is a foliar product designed for use in propagation. LIFE Cloning Mist provides essential ingredients and anti-stress bioactive molecules to assist root development and stress recovery for cuttings taken from stock plants.

LIFE Cloning Solution


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Rx Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning Solution (0.5-1-0.5) is formulated to provide the nutrient inputs that assist in early root and plant development. LIFE has a unique blend of ingredients that combine essential carbohydrates, minerals, and enzymes to promote energy, metabolism, and protein synthesis. Extensive research and development has shown that LIFE reduces the number of days to root from cuttings …

ROOT Beneficial Microbes Supplement


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ROOT is a fully soluble biological inoculant and soil amendment which promotes beneficial bacterial colonization at the roots. It contains eight different beneficial microbes; these natural organisms convert nitrogen and phosphorus to plant available forms, improving soil fertility and plant nutrition. ROOT also contains Myconate® (formononetin), a naturally occurring substance proven to stimulate the colonization of beneficial root organisms. A …

CLEAN COCO Substrate


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Coco coir is an ideal growing media. It retains moisture and promotes drainage. Coco also has a high cation exchange capacity, which allows it to store and release nutrients as your plants require them. Coco coir is a sustainable and renewable resource. All raw materials in CLEAN COCO are OMRI Listed®. CLEAN COCO comes ready for use in a biodegradable …