Product Pest Management FORTIFY FUNGICIDE


Powdery Mildew

FORTIFY FUNGICIDE both prevents and controls powdery mildew in cannabis cultivation environments. Fortify is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations.

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Our proprietary surfactant and stabilization formulation allows for precise blending of fungus-fighting essential oils. The chemical technology in FORTIFY provides excellent coverage of leaf surface and rapid absorption of active compounds. No second surfactant product needed. FORTIFY FUNGICIDE quickly eradicated powdery mildew both in our lab and in 3rd party testing.


Cinnamon oil: The main constituents of cinnamon oil are cinnamaldehyde (phenylpropanoid) and linalool (terpene). Cinnamaldehyde provides control against bacteria and inhibits the enzyme synthesis abilities of fungal pathogens. Linalool provides control of more than 17 pathogenic fungi and attracts beneficial insects, allowing it to work in synergy with insect control products.

Thyme Oil: The main constituents of thyme oil are thymol and carvacrol. Thymol affects cellular membranes and conditions inside the cell, resulting in inhibition of cell growth. Carvacrol disrupts cellular membranes, resulting in the death of pathogens.

Linseed oil: This oil is composed of many individual types of fat molecules. These fatty acids work to disrupt the pathogen’s cell membrane. This disruption leads to the release of cellular components and cell disintegration.


  • For best results, spray every week at 1 oz per gallon as a preventative measure.
  • For minor PM breakouts, spray at 2 oz per gallon.
  • For major PM breakouts, spray up to 6 oz per gallon as a curative measure.
  • Use at rates higher than 6 oz per gallon could result in phytotoxicity.

Application Instructions

Indoor: Spray with lights off for best results. Allow plants to dry before turning lights on.

Outdoor: Spray in early morning or late evening for best results. This product can be applied under direct light with minimal phytotoxicity, if applied within recommended rates.

  • Application should provide an even coverage of foliage. Excessive coverage may cause a phytotoxic response.
  • The preventative rate of 1 oz/gal should be applied before there are signs of powdery mildew. If powdery mildew is present, use the light or heavy curative rate up to 6 oz/gallon.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment during applications including respirator, head and eye cover coverings, chemical resistant suit and footwear.
  • Apply product so that a mist-like quality of spray droplets is produced. Mist-like spray droplets will ensure thorough coverage of leaf surfaces to control powdery mildew. This quality of spray droplets can be achieved with most commercial spray equipment when calibrated to the appropriate pressure, spray volume, and coverage area.
  • Do not pH adjust mixed pesticide.
  • Ensure proper agitation of pesticide in water to give even application of product.