Rx Green Technologies ceo to speak at mjbizcon next

Cannabis Inputs Technology Company CEO to discuss efficiency-driven cannabis cultivation strategies.

Denver, CO:Wesley Matelich, Chief Executive Officer of Rx Green Technologies, joins panel discussion at MJBizCon Next in New Orleans (https://mjbizconference.com/next/). The discussion is titled: Make the Cut: Cultivation Strategies to Survive Oversupply. This informative conversation will take place on Friday, June 14th, 2019, at 10AM. 

As CEO of Rx Green Technologies, Mr. Matelich led the development of the first cannabis plant fertility lab and created the first crop finance program in the cannabis industry. Mr. Matelich has a background in institutional finance at J.P. Morgan and Tinicum Incorporated and spent much of his prior career evaluating and enhancing manufacturing organizations. 

Rx Green Technologies is a leader in cannabis nutrients, supplements, and substrates. A companywide focus on customer service drove the need for Rx Green Technologies staff to master cannabis cultivation environments via a first-of-its-kind plant fertility lab and cultivation partnership. This deep, empirically-driven understanding has allowed Mr. Matelich to become a pragmatic thought leader within the cannabis cultivation space.