Rx Green Technologies Launches Clean Coco

Cannabis Inputs Technology Company adds coconut coir substrate to product offerings.

Denver, CO: Rx Green Technologies, www.www.rxgreentechnologies.com, a leader in cannabis nutrients and supplements enters the substrate market with the launch of CLEAN COCO, their newest product. CLEAN COCO is an agricultural substrate made from coconut coir.

Rx Green Technologies CEO Wesley Matelich describes CLEAN COCO simply, “We’re delivering a premium product at a commodity price.” Localized manufacturing and direct fulfillment allow Rx Green Technologies to provide a clean and reliable substrate at a market-leading price point. CLEAN COCO is a much-needed alternative to untested substrates carrying two-step distribution mark-ups.

Rx Green Technologies named CLEAN COCO appropriately. This coco coir is lab tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process for tight quality control. Additionally, CLEAN COCO is stored inside and shipped via covered trucks and shipping containers, ensuring protection from environmental toxins and pests.


  • OMRI Listed for organic use.
  • Ready for use (rehydration not required).
  • Lab tested.
  • Delivered in biodegradable bags.

About Rx Green Technologies: Rx Green Technologies is a cannabis-specific agricultural input company, based in Manchester, NH and Denver, CO. Rx Green Technologies delivers and supports research-backed products to commercial cannabis cultivators, a historically underserved market. www.www.rxgreentechnologies.com.

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