Clean Coco


Emerald City Wellness, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is a 6000 sq/ft licensed cannabis cultivation facility. This facility uses 1000W DE Lights and is hand watered. Emerald City Wellness also currently purchases and utilizes Rx Green Technologies’ nutrients.


Rx Green Technologies’ CLEAN COCO saves the cultivation facility $11,530 in annual substrate costs.


Competitor cost per bag (shipping included): $13.95
CLEAN COCO cost per bag (shipping included): $9.73
Per bag cost savings after switching to CLEAN COCO: $4.22



“I first considered switching to CLEAN COCO when I saw the price point and the organic certification. I chose to make the full switch when I saw the quality of the coco during our first transplant session. CLEAN COCO is so clean and smells wonderful. Makes me want to have it as an air freshener. The growth rate and quality of plants in that first week surpassed my previous coco.” – Marcus Price, Grow Manager at Emerald City Wellness