Nutrient Case Study

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Cannabis cultivation facility in WA state (i-502) utilizing custom built, fully automated NFT system with Rx Green Technologies nutrients.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: DO, ppm, pH, water and air temperature NUTRIENT RESERVOIRS:

  • Clones: days 1-7 in rock wool cubes saturated with plain water, days 7-10 with LIFE Cloning Solution mixed at 15 mL/gal adjusted to 5.0 pH
  • Vegetative: 10-day cycle; feed gradually increases from 400-800 ppm of mixed solution consisting of GROW A/B; E-Plus is not used in this system.
  • Flowering: approximately 60 days (depending on strain), feed increases from 600 ppm in week 1 to 1000 max ppm; BULK is added from weeks 3-5.
  • Lights: 600 w. DE HPS

Set injector system with desired minimum and maximum EC ranges. Water is filtered with reverse osmosis. There have been several hundred successful harvests with this protocol with 0% crop failures.

Each grow room has 200 gal. reservoir that recirculates nutrient solution from feed tubes. These tanks are filled from a main control room that can empty and refill each tank on demand. A fresh tank of nutrients is mixed with 2 mL/gal of 33% hydrogen peroxide on day 1, repeated on day 5, and fully flushed and cleaned at day 10. The ideal temperature of water in holding tank is 65-70°F and the recirculating tank reservoir is 68° F.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is maintained in recirculating reservoir by direct injection. Goal is to see no less than 8 ppm concentration by the end of the feeding tube.

Plants are harvested by cutting above the root ball, then water and hydrogen peroxide (8mL/gal), sodium hypochlorite (3 mL/gal) or hypochlorous acid (3 mL/gal) is flushed through the tubes while the roots are pulled through from the open end. This allows the roots to act as a scrub brush inside the tubes and pulls any additional debris out with it.

Dehumidifiers capture and store all condensate in water storage tank after running through filtration system. All waste water is drained from recirculating tanks, filtered to remove nitrates, and disposed of.


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