Rip n’ Roll With Rx Green’s New RTU Bags

With decades of cannabis cultivation experience, the team at Rx Green understands the operational demands and rigors required to achieve an efficient, but successful, high-yield cannabis grow. That’s why our team is constantly thinking ahead of the curve, delivering new ways to provide cannabis cultivators with solutions that are ideal for both plants and operators alike. 

The newest product in our lineup is our “Ready to Use” (RTU) Coco Grow Bags. These RTU bags are filled with high-quality coco coir and designed to support healthy plant growth at every stage and help reduce the time and labor related to transplanting and turning over grow rooms. 

Get ready to lift your cultivation experience to new heights with Rx Green’s Ready-To-Use Grow Bags – simply rip, roll, plant, and grow. 

About Our Ready-To-Use Bags / Rip. Roll. Plant. Grow.

As an efficient and effective solution for cultivators growing craft quality cannabis, our new Ready-to-Use Buffered Coco Grow Bags are structured to grow your plants from clone to harvest in a high-performance medium, at a great price. 

From the pallet to the grow room, Rx Green’s RTU bags make cannabis cultivation a more straightforward and seamless process. They are stable and easy to open with a ready-to-rip perforation at the top, making the initial setup simple. 

When you are ready to transplant your cannabis plants, just rip open the RTU bag and roll the top down two or three times to the top of the green area on the bag. Then add one plant to each bag, water accordingly, and watch as they establish healthy roots and grow to their full height and canopy expression within the supportive bag structure.

With a perforated top and a wide, six-inch gusset, our RTU bags offer all the structure and support necessary during every phase of plant growth. Our larger base allows the plant’s roots more room to wrap around the inside of the bag, making it less likely to tip over. Small holes are evenly dispersed around the outside of the bag to deliver multi-directional drainage while eliminating puddles on the bag’s sides and bottom. The green color on the outside of these bags helps to hide dirt while also shielding the inside of the bag from sunlight and other external factors to prevent algae or bacteria growth.

Unlike competing ready-to-use grow bags, the drainage holes in our RTU bags are not fully punched out – so the coco stays inside the bag during set up and placement, leaving you with less mess to clean up. 

Rx Green’s Ready-to-Use Buffered Coco Grow Bags are currently available in both 1-gallon and 2-gallon sizes. Both bag sizes feature the same width and base dimensions, so cultivators can choose the size that works best for their operation. 

Depending on your preference, RTU bags come filled with either 100% pure, buffered coco coir or a 70/30 blend (70% coco coir, 30% coarse perlite) – but, we’re happy to talk custom mixes, too. 

No matter what bag or blend option you choose, you can be confident in the quality. All of our inputs are sourced from RHP-certified suppliers, OMRI-listed, and compliant with all Health Canada regulations.

Don’t Cut Corners, Cut Flower 

For large-scale operators, growing quality cannabis affordably and efficiently doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. We understand the complexities that come with cannabis cultivation, and we’re here to provide clear, pure, and simple solutions. Our RTU grow bags reduce environmental waste and make transfer from the freight pallet to the grow table easier for your operations team. Instead of the bulk purchases of soil, coco coir, starter pots, or other growing supplies needed for each new cultivation cycle, our RTU bags are an all-in-one solution, so you can rip ‘n roll right into harvest season.

Along with saving the earth and your teams’ backs, our grow bags are priced to reduce consumable cultivation input costs. We have your back and your bottom line in mind! 

Get Ripped with Rx Green’s Ready-To-Use Bags 

As cannabis connoisseurs and experienced cultivators, we’re here to be your partner for premium-quality products – so you can focus on growing amazing cannabis 

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