Clean Coco Trial

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MEASURING GROWTH, YIELD, AND THC POTENCY Data presented by: Stephanie Wedryk, PhD, Director of R&D at Rx Green Technologies PURPOSE To compare the effect of two different coconut coir substrate products, CLEAN COCO and a leading competitor (Competitor Coco), on cannabis growth, yield, and potency. PROTOCOL First, CLEAN COCO and Competitor Coco were chemically tested at Midwest Laboratories, a Colorado …

CLEAN COCO Substrate


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INTRO Emerald City Wellness, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is a 6000 sq/ft licensed cannabis cultivation facility. This facility uses 1000W DE Lights and is hand watered. Emerald City Wellness also currently purchases and utilizes Rx Green Technologies’ nutrients. SUMMARY Rx Green Technologies’ CLEAN COCO saves the cultivation facility $11,530 in annual substrate costs. DATA Competitor cost per bag (shipping …

Greenhouses In A Field

Colorado based Green House

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INTRO Colorado-based Greenhouse (CBG) is a Colorado licensed cannabis cultivator that operates (4) 10,000 sq/ft light deprivation with supplemental lighting greenhouses. CBG’s nutrient program consisted of mixing granular nutrients in addition to several organic additives, which was designed as a low cost nutrient program. CBG ran a true side by side trial (same greenhouse, same time, same strains, same everything) …