Silica Supplements

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Essential plant nutrients are classified as such if they are required for the function of plant metabolism. To date, there are 17 known essential plant nutrients, but there are also some elements that are considered to be beneficial to plant health and growth. This means that the plant’s metabolism will function without them, but there are significant benefits to plant …

plant nutrition and deficiencies

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This paper is an overview of all essential elements needed for proper plant growth and nutrition. It also outlines common deficiency and excess symptoms of these elements.

nutrient antagonism

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This paper is an overview of how nutrients can cause deficiencies when one is in excess. It explores whether there is such thing as “too much of a good thing.”

water quality

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Water quality is one of the most important factors affecting plant growth, as unwanted components in water can interfere with nutrient availability and uptake by the plant. When improving your grow operation, water should be one of the key areas evaluated. Even with a filter in place, problems may still arise if quality is not closely monitored. In this paper, …

recirculating hydroponics

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Hydroponic crop production has many benefits over traditional, soil-based farming. Increased water conservation, reduced fertilizer use and enhanced disease control are just a few of the reasons many farmers may choose a closed-loop, hydroponic cultivation operation. While the convenience of automatic plant watering and increased resource conservation make hydroponic systems attractive, recirculating systems require very specific management protocols to ensure …

heavy metal whitepaper

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A comprehensive report detailing the relationship between Rx Green Technologies’ nutrient program and heavy metals levels in cannabis.

ph whitepaper

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This report will explain the science of pH and cannabis cultivation, including how pH is affected by the rhizosphere, nutrient availability at different pH levels, and how this information specifically correlates to Rx Green Technologies’ recommended nutrient program. This report will explain more fully why we recommend that growers refrain from pH-ing when growing cannabis with Rx Green Technologies’ products.

Synthetic Vs Organic

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Finding the proper source for nutritional inputs, and whether they qualify as “organic” or “inorganic / synthetic”, is currently a subject hotly debated in the cannabis community. Our purpose here is to provide explanations and education to ensure this debate leads to informed decision making across cultivators and their end-consumers.