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Our field scientist, Shara Ross, knows a lot about growing cannabis. She’s been working in the field for almost 6 years. What makes Shara different from a grower who’s been growing for years? The fact that she’s been in hundreds of cultivation facilities. She’s seen it all. And she’s had to fix it all. Here are the best books about growing …

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Answering Questions About Coco Coir

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What is coco coir made of? Coco coir is extracted from the intermediate husk surrounding a coconut, derived from the coconut processing industry. Coco coir primarily consists of the coir fiber pith or coir dust obtained by processing coconut husk and removing long fibers. In some places the husk is left in the fields as a mulch or a source …

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All About BULK

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BULK is a PK booster designed for cannabis plants in flower. It contains a unique combination of phosphorus, fully soluble calcium, and fully soluble potassium. This formula provides plants with the highest level of bioavailable nutrients. BULK will improve plant performance, yield, and quality. We will go a little more in-depth into the ingredients in BULK and the benefits they …

E-PLUS Kelp, Yucca And Humic Acid Additive 55 Gallons

All About E-PLUS

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E-PLUS, which contains organic and mineral ingredients, is intended for use during the vegetative and early bloom stages of the cannabis plant. Its ingredients include kelp, yucca, humic acid, and calcium. These ingredients work with the plant’s own natural systems to improve growth and plant health. E-PLUS also contains mineral nutrients as well as non-plant food ingredients, such as molasses, …

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LIFE vs. Clonex

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Cornell University, well-known for their operation of world-class agricultural research facilities, compared the effect of two different cloning solutions, LIFE by Rx Green Technologies and Clonex by Hydrodynamics International, on the formation and development of roots in basil stem cuttings. Overall, we found that root systems for LIFE cuttings had an average of 20% faster roots, 23% more roots (dry …

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Organic or Synthetic Nutrients?

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In this myth-busting blog we answer the age-old question, “Should I grow with organic or synthetic nutrients?”   First of all, let’s remember that organic doesn’t necessarily mean safe. The simple definition of organic is “consisting of or derived from living matter.” Organic fertilizers can contain: manure, compost, bat guano, feather meal, and fish meal, all of which are chemically unrefined. …