Growing in Coco: Best Practices

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Coco coir substrates are a popular choice for cannabis cultivation. Coco coir is a sustainable and renewable resource and can be easily composted after use. It can be purchased loose or compressed (for growing in containers) or in compressed grow cubes (as an alternative to rockwool blocks). Coco coir can be used once and discarded or used as a top …

Chlorine Dioxide

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FOR CANNABIS CULTIVATORS Cannabis cultivation requires careful planning and strict protocols to avoid crop failure from microbial contamination. Integrated pest management is a concept that includes cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical control methods. These methods are intended to be incorporated at a preventative level to counteract the risk of exposure to pests and diseases and subsequent economic losses. Chemical control …

Pesticide application guide

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Pest management in Cannabis cultivation is crucial to optimizing yield and quality. The selection of the right pesticide and dose for the target pest are important decisions made by growers. Making the right decisions in how the pesticide is applied is equally important in optimizing pest control. The following paper outlines important considerations for optimizing pesticide applications in Cannabis. These …

Soil EC Monitoring

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NUTRIENT RUNOFF & EC MONITORING The electrical conductivity (EC) of soil is an indicator of soluble salts that may be present in the root zone. Soil salinity is an important factor of soil health. Excess salinity can affect crop yields, nutrient availability and soil fertility. Although EC does not provide a concentration of specific elements, it has been correlated to …

Care of Seedlings

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Successful seed germination requires optimal conditions including moisture, warmth and suitable grow media. Light is not necessary until the first leaves, or cotyledons, have emerged from the seed shell. Once seeds germinate, it is important to maintain substrate and environmental conditions for optimal seedling development. Seeds can be started in a variety of growing mediums, including rock wool, peat moss …

Cannabis Plant Under A Magnifying Glass


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RHIZOSPHERE PH ANDNUTRIENT AVAILABILITY UNDERSTANDING RHIZOSPHERE pH The rhizosphere is the area of soil directly surrounding the plant’s roots. Root secretions and microorganisms affect the soil chemistry and biology of this area. Compounds found in root exudates consist of water, amino acids, organic acids, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Many of these compounds serve as food sources for microorganisms in the …

Fungal Disease

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MANAGING CANNABIS FUNGAL DISEASES Cannabis plants can be susceptible to a wide range of diseases, including those caused by viruses, bacteria and fungal pathogens. While viral and bacterial diseases are not as prevalent in cannabis as they may be in other crops, fungal diseases present often and with a vengeance. Root and stem rot, bud rot and powdery mildew are …

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Essential Plant Nutrients

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Plants require light, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals to grow. Plants are unique in that they are sessile and must receive elemental nutrients through roots in a growing medium. There are 14 elements that are essential for growth and development that plants receive through roots. Each nutrient plays a different role in the plant from structural components to regulation of …

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Water Quality

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PLANT HEALTH FACTORS Water quality is one of the most important factors affecting plant growth, as unwanted components in water can interfere with nutrient availability and uptake by the plant. When improving your grow operation, water should be one of the key areas evaluated. Even with a filter in place, problems may still arise if quality is not closely monitored. …

Cannabis Plants In A Nursery

Recirculating Hydroponics: Maintenance and Best Practices

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Hydroponics is a term inclusive of many different, highly-varied systems of plant nutrient feeding. Some may classify hydroponic growing as any method utilizing soilless media, including peat-based potting mixes and coco coir. For the sake of this content, “hydroponics” will refer to systems that are recirculating in nature and utilize soilless, inert or inorganic media. Recirculating hydroponic operational systems include …