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Plant nutrition and deficiencies

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PLANT NUTRITION ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS Plants require light, water, minerals, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a suitable temperature to grow. These absolute growth requirements must be available within appropriate ranges and in balance with others for optimum growth to occur. A total of 17 elements are known to be required for plants to grow and reproduce normally. The elements are carbon (C), …

Cannabis Plant Leaves

Nutrient antagonism

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TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING Plants require a variety of nutrients to achieve optimal growth, yields and quality. The ratio of elements that must be available to the plants is often combined in commercial fertilizer or nutrient programs in a ready-to-use blend. However, this ratio may be based on conventional schools of thought, rather than a specific crop or …

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Using ‘life’ on seedlings

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Successful seed germination requires moisture and warmth, but light is not needed. Once seeds germinate, light is a requirement. Wrapping seeds in a warm, damp paper towel may speed up germination but not necessary. Seeds can be started in a variety of growing mediums, including rock wool, peat moss cubes or loose soil mixes. If using a potting mix, be …

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Water Quality

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PLANT HEALTH FACTORS Water quality is one of the most important factors affecting plant growth, as unwanted components in water can interfere with nutrient availability and uptake by the plant. When improving your grow operation, water should be one of the key areas evaluated. Even with a filter in place, problems may still arise if quality is not closely monitored. …

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Recirculating hydroponics

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A REVIEW OF BEST PRACTICES Hydroponics is a term inclusive of many different, highly-varied systems. Some may classify hydroponic growing as any method utilizing soilless media, including peat-based potting mixes and coco coir. For the sake of this content, “hydroponics” will refer to systems that are recirculating in nature and utilize soilless, inert or inorganic media. Recirculating hydroponic operational systems …